Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ducati--The Styrofoam Background

So...why Styrofoam for a background?

You very rarely see a bike perfectly from the side. I wanted to take it out of being in a situation where you would normally see it—on a racetrack, street or in a garage with a naked girl over it. I wanted to get rid of all that. The nice thing is the bike is small enough to be able to paint full size and I thought it would be fun to paint this way as you can see every detail. It’s not like a car. A car is basically –well, every nut and bolt is covered with metal, plastic or glass. Every single one. You don’t really see the engineering at first glance. With a motorcycle you do.

That’s where the jewelry idea came from. I wanted to display it, not as a toy, but as a precious item. A piece of jewelry. So I went and looked at all the different ways people package delicate items—everythign from computers to collectible toys. There are a lot of different ways to package things—styrafoam is an obvious one and people are familiar with that. It’s cold and machine made and it works nicely with the smooth, very engineered motorcycle. I think for the Ducati it represents the bike.

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