Friday, February 27, 2004

The second trip - bike build part II

this is over 4 years ago, so a bit of a blur for me, but from the looks of Bri's photos, we went to Daytona. Wolley (another mate from the board) is there too - which means I must've ridden the F4i down. Which is interesting, because it doesn't look road worthy just yet. Plus, I seem to remember got past our starting issues at about 2am in Bri's 'hood. Quite a disturbance with 2 unbaffled race pipes firing up..............

Anyway, it looks like I got the bike on the road, and we headed 3 or 4 hours to the Daytona 200 at bike week - I don't remember any DMV inspections, but nobody can prove anything. That combined with the fact that I had used JB weld to seal a cracked fork tube (another little surprise), made it a less than confident first road test.

watched the race with another fellow board member - Kill.

after the race was over, and a couple of beers in, I decided that it would be fitting to bid farewell to Kill, by performing a crucifix on his bike. Whch was nice..........

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